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Following the Community's decisions at the April 2017 Workshop, the Planning sub-committee has continued the lobbying and push for improved boating facilities for Poona and also with the broader infrastructure plan. Details relevant to the latest Community Workshop (29 Feb 2020) and Council's 'in principal' approval for a new boating facility on Poona Creek are outlined below the 'background' information.

Also following the work of the consulting urban planners Argipelago, their draft report was approved by Council on 26 August 2020. Community information sessions are planned for 19 September 2020 (details below and in community updates).

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The Poona Community Progress Association established a sub-committee in 2016 to advance a new infrastructure plan. Following community consultation an ideas database (community inputs) was put together and those ideas considered at a Community Workshop on 22 April 2017. The presentation covered our evolution as a community and considered what has been happening with property values and the general decline in infrastructure and services in, or available to Poona. Those attending put forward a number of additional ideas to help shape our future direction.

The Workshop Handout of April 2017 can be downloaded       Presentation

In May 2017 the Queensland Recreational Boating Facilities Demand Forecasting Study 2016, prepared by GHD Consulting, identified Poona as a 'Priority #1' for a new boating facility.

Fraser Coast has one of the highest boat registrations north of the Sunshine Coast with forecast significant growth and higher demand for boating infrastructure. You can download the full GHD report, sections relevant to Fraser Coast Region or just pages regarding the Poona facility. The latter though excludes supporting data and economic analysis.

Full Report 39mb       Fraser Coast 12mb       Poona Section 1mb

With the urban planning, Council having appointed Archipelago, a consultant expert urban planner held a second workshop on 25 October 2019. Below are the links to the relevant documents from the Workshop

Full Presentation       Download

Workshop Summary       Download

In the subsequent months work progressed on the Boat Ramp Feasibility Study and, noting the need to integrate that action with the Infrastructure Plan, the next stage of the Archipelago Consultancy was deferred pending availability of the Feasibility Study. The Executive Summary was released at the Workshop on 29 February 2020.

Workshop 29 February 2020

This latest Workshop was again organised and conducted by Council's Community Development and Engagement Team and facilitated by Archipelago. Also in support were personnel from Council's Engineering Section and a number of technical officers from the Dept. of Transport (DTMR), each providing the community with detailed facts upon which to base decisions.

With over 150 locals attending the Workshop it was most informative and Council and DTMR provided presentations on the outcome of the Feasibility Study with concept drawings of the likely boat ramp on Poona Creek and the accompanying carpark. Opportunity was provided for extensive questioning from the floor which led to some very positive suggestions and aspects currently being reviewed by the the agencies. An updated presentation was also provided on the Infrastructure Planning. A draft infrastructure plan will be available for a follow-up community workshop in mid-May 2020.

Both presentations from 29 February together with the complete Feasibility Study are available for downloading. The latter document is split into two parts -

Boat Ramp Presentation (1mb)

Archipelego (Infrastructure) Presentation (8mb)

Draft Feasibility Study Part 1 (20mb)

Draft Feasibility Study - Annexure, Approvals Summary (19mb)

Boat Ramp Consultation

Council took further written submissions from the community on the boat ramp with that consultation closing on 31 March 2020. Council has advisied that 31 submissions were received from the community and there was a small number opposed to the location on a range of perspectives but more than 80% were in support of the concept as proposed. Of those in favour some put forward suggestions for enhancements at the site to which Transport and Council are currently considering with a view to incorporating changes into the final design. The information as conveyed by Council to the Planning Sub-committee can beĀ viewed here.


Information Sessions 19 September 2020 - Poona Infrastructure Plans

Council at its meeting on 26 August 2020 voted unanimously in support of the draft Poona Community Infrastructure Plan. This plan is the culmination of the past 4 year's work of the Planning Sub-committee engaging with FCRC. The final assessments by the consultant urban planner Archipelago, lay the framework for the future development and enhancements for Poona. Peter Edwards from Archipelago will present the plan to the community on Saturday 19 September.

A copy of the Plan is available for review ahead of the meeting Draft Plan.

To work around COVID restrictions 3 sessions with a maximum 40 attending will be conducted with a half hour between sessions for cleaning and sanitizing.

Session times on Saturday 19 September are-

  • 11 am - 12 pm
  • 12.30 pm - 1.30 pm
  • 2 pm - 3 pm

The community will have the opportunity to discuss the proposals outlined and question Peter on specifics. It is envisaged that there will be some ongoing consultation as various aspects of the plan unfold.

With the COVID limitations in place, please RSVP with your preferred session by contacting Jon Colclough on 0421 089 552, John Hand on 0490 120 367 or email the Secretary.


Council Meeting 22 July 2020 - New Boating Facility

Ahead of the Council Meeting things had progressed with the finalisation of the joint FCRC & Department of Transport and Main Roads Feasibility Study. The design plans now incorporate a number of changes following community inputs. There is now provision for-

  • a floating walkway on the upstream side of the ramp
  • a toilet block
  • lighting and provision for CCTV, if required

Council at its meeting on 22 July gave-

  • 'in principle' support for the project, and
  • to request that the feasibility report and preferred conceptual design layouts be used as the basis of a joint pre-lodgement meeting with relevant State Agencies to address uncertainty regarding tenure, ownership consent and statutory approval requirements, prior to progressing the project to detailed design.
  • Pending positive pre-lodgement advice regarding the viability of the project to proceed to works:
    1. consider the inclusion of the estimated construction costs of the land-based facilities in Council's forward design program;
    2. request the Department of Transport and Main Roads to provide funding for
      the water-based facilities; and
    3. in conjunction with the Department of Transport and Main Roads, seek
      external funding for the project as opportunities arise.

Total project cost is estimated at $4.13 million.

Councillor Daniel Sanderson in moving the Motion spoke strongly in support of the project. Further, the Planning Sub-committee has had discussions with the State Member Mr Bruce Saunders who has indicated that with the weight of community support for a new facility and Council giving in principle support he will assist in every way possible in progressing approvals through the relevant State Agencies so as to get the project happening in the shortest possible timeframe.

The finalised Feasibility Study has been released and is available as a complete document (44mb) or in a series of documents forming the complete study. Each can be downloaded below-

Feasibility Study (Final) 44mb

Feasibility Study without Appendices (Final)
Appendix A - Extract from GHD report
Appendix B - Concept Designs (1A &1B)
Appendix C - Concept Designs (3A)
Appendix D - Concept Design (Floating Walkway)
Appendix E - Poona Creek Survey
Appendix F - Carpark Design
Appendix G - Cutural Heritage Assessment
Appendix H - Geotechnical_Investigation
Appendix I - Approvals Part 1
Appendix I - Approvals Part 2
Appendix I - Approvals Part 3
Appendix J - Public Consultation


Our community, as always is kept fully informed of developments and regular updates are provided on this webpage, via email, Poona Community Noticeboard (Facebook) and the Poona Post. If you are not on the email distribution and would like to receive updates please click here to register.

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