Poona, Great Sandy Strait & Fraser Island Pictures

The Great Sandy Strait is a body of water stretching from Inskip Point & Tin Can Bay in the south to Hervey Bay at the northern end; and separating the world heritage listed Fraser Island from the mainland. The Strait is a marine national park; a haven with its dugong & turtle population.


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Last updated 8 August 2017

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Garry's Anchorage - Fraser Island

Evening on Poona Beach (Craig Whittaker)

Poona - Sunrise over Fraser Is

Poona - Sunrise over Fraser Is (Judy Sumner)

Fungi (Craig Whittaker)

Poona - calm water

Poona - early morning (Judy Sumner)

Fraser Is - Wreck of the Ceratodus

Bush Stone Curlews (Craig Whittaker)

Brumby on the move (Judy Sumner)

Poona Point (Judy Sumner)

Yellow Footed Antechinus (Craig Whittaker)

At anchor (Craig Whittaker)

Whales - Platypus Bay Fraser Is

Coconut palms (Judy Sumner)

Stewart Is

Birds (Judy Sumner)

Poona - evening pinks n' blues

Sun rising (Craig Whittaker)

Poona - sunrising over Fraser is