Poona ANZAC Memorial
Poona Memorial Lone Pine

The Poona Community Progress Association, in March 2010 established a sub-committee to progress the development of an ANZAC War Memorial site in the town's precinct.

On 28 October 2011 the site was officially dedicated and consecrated. More pictures and information of the Dedication and Consecration Day ....

Each year on 25 April a commemorative ANZAC service is held to remember the fallen in all wars. This service is well attended with locals and now, many out of town visitors making the special trip to our town to attend the Poona Dawn Service. Many other events on the calendar are also commemorated during the year at the Memorial.

In 2014 to coincide with the 100 years of the start of WW1 a Lone Pine tree was planted and is an ongoing memory in respect of that theatre of war.

Our local Poona Craft Group are the custodians of the wreaths and do a marvellous job each year in helping prepare for the event and making the poppies that are distributed both before the day and at the Service.

The most recent Dawn Service was again a resounding success, attended by approximately 150 residents and visitors with a feature being poppies done in white & purple in recognition of both nurses and animals that have been involved in wars. Following the Service our regular Master of Ceremonies, Mr Alastair Martin was officially recognised by the Community for his longstanding services to the community.

Join us at 5.45 am on 25 April each year for the Dawn Service with the Service followed by a traditional Gunfire Breakfast.

Lest We Forget

100 years of ANZAC
October 2011 - Dedication & Consecration Dedication & consecration day 2011

This year, 2017 is rich in history and marks a number of significant anniversaries in the ANZAC calendar

  • 100th anniversary of the worst causality year in Australia's history. On the Western Front over 76,000 casualties (including 22,000 killed). Read an interesting story about one who never made it home

  • In 1917 in the Sinai- Palestine Campaign, the Battle's of Gaza and Beersheba occurred, with the Light Horse attack on Beersheba being considered by many as the last Cavalry Charge in history, and Jerusalem was captured.

  • 75th anniversary of the WW11 battles of Kokoda, Buna, Gona and Guadalcanal. The interaction by the Japanese to the events of which were of huge importance. Each campaign drew critical resources from each other weakening their strength in all arms and eventually led to the first Japanese defeat of the war. (It is said that up until then the Japanese only knew victory, afterwards, they only knew defeat).
  • 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea.
  • 75th anniversary of the fall of Singapore where over 15,000 Australians became POW's, many of which were sent to work on the Thai - Burma railway and many did not survive.

  • 75th anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal, the first American offensive action of WW11 .
  • 75th anniversary of the Australia's worst maritime disaster with sinking of the Japanese Hell Ship (Montevideo Maru) which was transporting prisoners from the fall of Rabaul to Japan. It was an unmarked ship and sunk by an American submarine off the coast of the Philippines (845 servicemen from Lark Force and the New Guinea Volunteer Rifles as well as 209 civilians perished).
  • 50 years since the deployment of the first units of the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment to Vietnam.
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