Our Town

As a Poona local there is much on offer and unselfishly supported by our wonderful community volunteers.

Take the time to explore our local area and our walking trails, enjoy the exercise and see some of the wonderful flora and fauna on offer. More information on these trails on the above 'Nature Trails' link.

There are regular activities at the Hall and include exercise classes, Tai Chi, Yoga, Line Dancing etc. so you are most welcome to join in.

If you haven't been yet, come along on a Friday night (from 5 PM) at the hall for a cold ale or a nice wine with great home style cooking and above all enjoy the great company. Hopefully take away one of the prize meat trays.

The Poona Community has a proud history of raising funds for worthwhile charities. The 2019/20 financial year saw over $10,000 going to help others in need. This includes Drought Relief ($3,500) to the western Qld town of Alpha, the annual 'Girls Night In' for Cancer Research ($1,800), Fraser Coast Palliative Care ($4,000) and the Unicorn Foundation ($1,370). Then there is the ongoing support to the Sandy Straits Rural Fire Brigade and the Sandy Straits Coast Guard.

Follow some of the links for more information on what is happening in our town.

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Poona's Young at Heart Group

Seniors Community Supported Living

Seniors Community Supported Living

Seniors Community Supported Living

The Poona Community, recognising the issues associated with its ageing population and the lack of supporting medical and allied health services to the town, has come together to form a self help group. It's all about Community Supported Senior Living.

The Young at Heart Group is free to join and is open to people of all ages who want to share in a regular get together, morning tea, the opportunity of group outings and the general support which a caring community can provide.

There is a dedicated sub-committee formed under the auspices of the Association with Jenny Mason, Lyn Corser and Susan Green working hard to facilitate this wonderful concept.

The group meets every second Tuesday of the month at 10 am at the Community Hall. Visitors to Poona are also most welcome, and encouraged, to attend.

The sub-committee aims to work with the three tiers of government and the medical and allied health sector to improve services and generally enhance the liveability of seniors in Poona. Things are already starting to take shape with stated support from government representatives.

So do take the initial step to come along and have some fun. You will be made very welcome.

For further information contact either-

  • Jenny Mason   0412 928123 📧 Email
  • Lyn Corser   0447 488081
  • Susan Green   0418 795867


PCPA General Meetings

The PCPA holds regular General Meetings at the Centenary Hall so that the Community has the opportunity to be an integral part in setting the direction. The meetings generally commence at 2 PM and the meeting times are broadly advertised on this page, the Facebook page - Poona Community Noticeboard and in the Poona Post.

Questions at the meetings are most welcome, however, in line with good meeting procedures the Association requires that proposing any action needs to be in the form of a Motion and Seconded. Ideally any proposals should be raised with the Committee beforehand so that they can be included on the meeting Agenda giving everyone the opportunity to attend the meeting and have input to discussion.

The next General Meeting will be at 2 PM on Saturday 13 March 2021.   

Agenda Agenda

Previous Minutes (13 February 2021)   Minutes


The Association & Code of Conduct
The Association's operations are governed under provisions of State Legislation and it has a set of prescribed responsibilities to its members. Committee members have a fiduciary duty and must always act in the interests of the Association. Standards and responsibilities are set out in its Code of Conduct & Ethics with obligations also implicit for members of the Association.


2020/21 memberships are now due and this year we look to process as many renewals as we can through online payments.

So please make your renewal ($5) as soon as possible by direct deposit to-

  • Name: Poona Community Progress Assoc.
  • Westpac Bank - BSB: 734 128
  • Account Number: 071337
  • For the reference please include your name & membership number. If unsure of your membership number please email the Secretary

If you are not a member of the Association and would like to join ($5) please submit an application Online